Who we are

I am a grandma that enjoyed sewing from early childhood. As my children were growing up, I would sew outfits for them to wear.

I started making hooded fleece ponchos for my grandchildren because of the problem with child car seats. My kids said that they would have to take off the coat when they were in the child car seat but would get cold. The poncho fits nicely over the child car seat and easily unsnap if they get too warm.

As my grandchildren would be wearing the ponchos, people would ask where they could purchase them.  My children said that I should be selling online because of the many inquiries.

We decided to start the business with me making the hooded fleece ponchos and my husband building the website and doing the business end.

Our future goal is to expand into other areas as our business grows.

We live in Quincy, Illinois.

Wayne and Jackie
Wayne & Jackie Price
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